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The Light Children Initiative with its members went in Bumera village Wakiso district on 11th /02/2018 with a purpose of starting  a project of community work through cleaning dirty places, removing sewage from trenches , treating fetched water in medium water sources Etc. These places caused many killer diseases such as cholera, malaria from mosquito’s around stagnate water in  the community  typhoid etc. To the young children in the community. Mostly the children’s   under the age of 5, these killer diseases attacks the young children because they lived in dirty areas. SO we the members of Light Children Initiative decided to give support to these people through providing cleaning tools such as spades, hoes, rakes etc used in removing rubbish from water trenches, removing sewage. In order to prevent these killer diseases. And we gave a helping hand to the community by giving them enough materials for cleaning these places, giving treatments for water. But according to low funds we had,   the project was  not  complete. And in the name of God wish to complete the project.
In God we trust .


Light Children Initiative with its members made a research on education in Bumera village found in Wakiso district on 20th /01 2021 whereby there was poor education, for the lack requirements to the school and children’s. We therefore made a project of THE POWER OF EDUCATION in this community. Through improving high standards of education. The covid19 virus that struck the all world also never missed this village, the pandemic left most the families unstable leading to their poverty eg. Wives got divorced, some of the people died, this left young children with single parents who couldn’t manage themselves alone to support these children, most parents lost their jobs and they couldn’t manage even to pay fees for their children. All these were the effects caused by this pandemic which led to many children lose their education rights. So the light children initiative with its members tried to give help at its best to these lonely poor needy children, to the poor needy families, through providing books, pens, toilet papers, brooms, but there are more needs needed by these children and families and A better learning future starts with you.

Future relies in Education

Feeding children

Light Children Initiative as an organization, went with all its members on 24th /08/2019 to give back to the community of Bumera village in Wakiso district. We wanted to improve the food and nutrition especially in providing food to the needy poor families and homeless children. In this area, there is lack of enough food due to lack of good farming systems, lack of good farming tools, lack of clean water used for watering crops, lack of pesticides , lack of money to buy seeds for the farming startup, poor dry lands used for farming. Etc. All these problems lead to poor nutrition and diseases in this community among the people. So as we the Light Children Initiative with our members decided to support these people in this community as much as we could by giving back through serving them food, clean drinking water but unfortunately, more people were left out due to lack of enough foods and water we had, but at least we managed to give back to some of the people than not giving to anyone. “one is better than zero”. GIVE ONE AND CHANGE HIS LIFE, may GOD bless you